The Chasers – Post Covid Reunion

The Chasers – Post Covid Reunion

תאריך(ים) - 26 באוקטובר 2022
- 20:45 - 22:15
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The Chasers Blues band has been operating for over 10 years & lately, as their singer Henry is residing abroad, They’ve been playing 1 annual show whenever Henry arrives in Israel to visit his family.

On next Wedneday, Nov 26th 2022 at 21:00 They will meet again for a relatively short concert after a long period of approx. 3 years during which They haven’t played together due to Covid19 at the Blaze Rock Bar located at 23 Hillel st Jerusalem.

In way of celebrating this rare event the band has released a music video to youtube. 

click to watch

Link to Facebook event

Addmitance is free of charge. A hat will be passed around.

מקום האירוע
בלייז רוק בר Blaze Rock Bar
הלל 23
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